Messengers of Mercy

  1. Bridge world College Newsletter 2018 Nov. (Kenya, Africa)

    Date2018.11.25 Views167
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  2. 2016, Come & Help - Yusef Song, Missionary to Jordan

    2016, Come & Help us! Wanted Short-Term Supporters For Refugees Among over 1.4 million syrians, 600 thousand registered refugees are living under the very hard situations in Jordan. Only 20% of them are dwelling in two official refugee C...
    Date2016.01.30 Views1935
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  3. Bridgeworld College Newsletter #10 - Missionary Jong Do Lee

    Date2015.07.11 Views1990
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  4. E3empower Mission Report from Tanzania - May 2015

    Date2015.05.17 Views1729
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  5. E3empower Mission report from Tanzania - Tae Young Kim

    <Working with Schools> As soon as I arrived at the airport, I headed straight to a secondary school to start observing. So far we’ve met more than 15 schools to introduce our program, and with some, we are moving onto further discus...
    Date2015.03.17 Views2093
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