Messengers of Mercy

Jesus Healing Ministry - TIFF (Thorn In The Flesh Fellowship)

Every Christian has a ‘wounded heart’ which needs to be healed by Jesus Christ. But each of us can also be a ‘wounded healer’ to others, even while in the process of being healed ourselves.

The Jesus Healing Ministry was founded as a non-profit incorporated organization in Delaware in 1998. Since its founding it has spread out to many areas, including the Korean community. This ministry offers lectures on healthy living, healing prayers, healing training, and exercises to bring healing to the body-soul-spirit as they are always in relationship.

TIFF (Thorn In the Flesh Fellowship) 
(Established in October 1998 in Delaware / Merged with JAMA-JH Ministry 2008)
Rev. Sung Ho Bae, M.D.

Holistic health and healing ministry as God desires for human beings.
Promotes and restores genuine Jesus Healing Ministry to the wounded.
Biblically based on 2 Cor 12:7-10: Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh (tif)’: God did not remove Paul’s tif  despite his repeated fervent prayers.
      “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness”-
      Paul lived well in Shalom.
Helps the wounded to understand the meaning of their tif in order to adapt Paul’s attitude about his illness, to live a fervent prayerful life as Paul did, and to fully accept God’s sovereignty in regards to the removal of their tif. 
Helps the wounded to ultimately experience oneness with Jesus the Healer – God’s Shalom.
Helps the wounded to fully understand the necessity of seeking for resources and ways of removing their tif, as Paul did before he got an answer from Jesus the Healer.
Helps the Church to recognize that all Jesus’ disciples are the ‘healers’ to expand God’s Kingdom of Shalom.
Helps healthcare providers to serve the wounded holistically in their workplaces and medical mission fields.
Promotes a practical way of Health Management – ‘Mind management’ – with the goal of possessing the ‘mind of Christ’ through individual devotions and TIFF gatherings. 
Holds workshops/seminars, health-education, intercessory prayer sessions, leadership training, and health fairs as a medical service to communities.
The Content of the TIFF gathering: (1) Cognitive/reflective Therapy,(2) Healing Prayer, (3)Music Therapy,(4)Laughter Therapy, (5)Healing Word, (6)‘Brain Priming’ (Spiritual-Mind-Body Relaxation Exercise),(7) Fellowship, (8)Health Fair/Counseling.



Rev. Sungho Bae M.D.
Jefferson Medical School & Wesley Seminary Faculty
President of TIFF Healing Ministry