Messengers of Mercy

Preparation for Short Term Mission Trips  

If you are planning a Short Term Mission Trip (STMT), you need to fill out the “STMT Information Form Master.doc ”and submitt his to MOM to begin the process of receiving assistance for your Mission Trip, such as receiving help in ordering discounted or free medicines.

The “Mission Trip Certificate” and “Customs Clearance Letter” are also available on the MOM website for the purpose of tax exemption.

Preparation for your Mission Trip must start several months before your trip. It’s helpful to contact the missionary in the mission field for specific guide lines as you prepare to serve in their country and mission ministry. Contact MOM Regional Offices for assistance in procuring the supplies you will need to go effectively equipped to the mission field.

The following is the list of MOM Regional Directors. Please contact them at least 2-3 months before your trip.


- National & Midwest : Mrs. June Lee (630) 222-1826 
L.A.: Mrs.JunePark (714)349-3482, 
- N.Y/N.J.: Dr.SunaiLee (347)400-1806
- San Francisco : Mrs. Asher Eun Yung Lim (409) 220-3924
- Seattle: Dr.YoungHoLee (253)227-4707 
- Washington D.C.:

- National & West Coast : Mr. Kijoo Ahn (818) 522-3343
- Midwest : Mrs.Christina Roepke (847) 702-0695
- East Coast : Mr. David Sung Kim  (201) 575-9897
                         Dr. Myong Woon Yang (646) 431-4085
                       : Mr. KiJoo Ahn (818) 522-3343

Home Office:  Mrs. Haein Kim (630) 580-5074
National : Mrs. Danielle Shumaker (630) 457-6843