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God has given His children the book of Genesis to understand the very beginning of His creations.  Many believe that the stories relating to God’s powerful works are all fairytales and too unrealistic, but in Psalm 33:4 it states, “For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does.” 

Genesis chapters one through eleven deal with all kinds of origins.  These are the baseline and foundation of our Christian faith.  Today, many humanistic philosophies and unproven theories confuse people about how the world was created, but all Christians must rely on the bible for the truth about creation.  As a creation ministry, our goal is to share evidences from the word of God as well as scientific evidences, and help people build an unshakable foundation for their Christian faith. 

* Creation Truth Tour (Grand Canyon 3 nights/4days)
* Ice Age Tour (Northern California 2 nights/3 days)
* AIG Creation Museum/Fossil Park Tour (Kentucky 1 night/2days)
* Creation College ( 10 weeks/20 hours)
* Creation Seminars (4th-12thGrade/EMAdults)

* West:    (213) 381-1390; Email:
* Midwest: (630) 400-6114; Email:

Contact information for Association for Creation Truth (in U.S.)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 819, Norwalk, CA 90650
Office address: 10529 Leeds St., Norwalk, CA 90650
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Creation Truth in the Mission Field
Movies and DVDs about Creation Truth are great tools for evangelism on the mission field. 

Creation Truth for Youth Group & Children
The secular school system teaches our children about evolution and humanism. Creation Truth for Youth Group and Children will help these young people grow strong in their faith as they come to understand the scientific truth about creation and the Word of God.

Thomas Yi, Ph.D
Phone: (630) 400-6114 
Email: creation
* Director of Creation Truth in Midwest/Chicago
* Fiat R&D Sr. Technical Specialist
* CRS(Creation Research Society)Scientist
* PhD, Multi-Body Dynamics, Univ. of Arizona, Ph.D
* MS, Aerospace Engineering, Univ. of Arizona, 
* Completed AIG Creation College
* ISOM (International School of Ministry)
* C&MA Leadership Academy