Messengers of Mercy


Mission outreach must not only be focused on church planting, but on the Home and Church, which must walk hand-in-hand. The Bible establishes God’s standard for marriage from the book of Genesis: one man married to one woman. However, in many countries, especially in African and Arab countries, polygamy is encouraged. 

The Godly Home Ministry includes Multiple Ministries:

1)  Marriage School Ministry
2)  Quince’ Evangelism Ministry
3)  Counseling Ministry
4)  Circumcision Evangelism Camp Ministry
5)  Godly Motherhood Ministry
6)  Godly Fatherhood Ministry
7)  Single Mom’s Ministry

Why Have a Godly Home Ministry?

In many developing countries, especially in South America, many couples are living together without being legally married. This practice nurtures a relationship that requires minimal commitment, leading many couples to separate when things get difficult. Due to this unhealthy and ungodly way of living, it’s very common to see single Moms, teen pregnancy, extramarital affairs, and incest. 

MOM is providing programs like the Marriage School Ministry and Quince Evangelism Ministry (a coming-of-age program) to educate people towards the establishment of godly, healthy homes. The Godly Home Ministry is taking place in Costa Rica, Peru, and Nicaragua, and with great success!