Messengers of Mercy

Circumcision Camp Evangelism Ministry

Coming-of-age ceremonies in many African countries, such as in Kenya, E. Africa, have a very negative impact which influences the entire family structure. 
Traditionally, teenage boys are taken to a remote area in the forest to learn manhood rites. At this time circumcision is conducted in unsanitary conditions while the boys fast, which results in infectious diseases and even death. 
The rites of manhood they learn include the following: 1)To have sexual intercourse with as many women as possible 2) To impregnate as many women as possible 3)To have as many wives as possible 4) To beat your wife and force her to obey 5) To drink lots of alcohol. These evil vices now become the foundation for men in their culture! 
Medical doctor and missionary, Steve Lee (AIM), set up a Circumcision Camp at Kapsowar Hospital in Kenya. He taught a male nurse the surgical skills of sanitary circumcision as he performed circumcisions at the hospital. While the patients were recovering at the hospital, local pastors and seminary students presented the Gospel to them. Most of these patients were non-Christian teenagers. The pastors also taught them biblical manhood and biblical family life (Promise Keepers material). The results were incredible! If this method of evangelism is introduced in other African countries we will see many converts to Jesus Christ in the years to come!

Expected Results of a Circumcision Camp Evangelism Ministry:
    1) Reduce mortality and morbidity through sanitary circumcision.
    2) Evangelize teenage boys. 
    3) Educate them in the biblical view of manhood. This will produce godly husbands who will become spiritual leaders in their home, leading to the development of godly marriages and godly homes that are established on biblical Truth.
    4) Transform the culture to a godly, Gospel based culture.

How to Do This ministry:
    1) Short Term Medical Mission Teams can provide biblical coming-of-age training, followed by a ceremony.
    2) Short Term Medical Teams can provide training to local male nurses in performing sanitary and surgically skilled circumcision.
    3) Surgical supplies can be provided through inexpensive sources.
    4) Prior to the arrival of the Short Term Medical Team, the local missionary needs to make arrangements for the camp, which should include preparing the local people to be receptive to coming and being a part of the Circumcision Camp Evangelism Ministry. 
    5) The local missionary with a good knowledge of the culture will be able to use the camp curriculum effectively.

The Circumcision Camp Evangelism Ministry is an effective tool for spreading the Gospel in Africa and it will help in restoring many teenagers and families.

Dr. Young Nahm Lee