Messengers of Mercy


A.) Training and Evangelistic Marriage Ceremony: M.S.M is a 12 week course teaching the biblical standard for marriage and a godly home. Through this mission outreach ministry, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared, a biblical foundation for marriage is taught, and godly homes are established. 

At MOM we feel so strongly about the Godly Home Ministry, that we encourage EVERY mission ministry to develop a Marriage School Ministry!

 As an added incentive, each couple that completes the Marriage School course will have the use of wedding clothing to celebrate a beautiful wedding ceremony! 

In many countries in the majority world, couples are often unable to afford such a beautiful wedding celebration. The Marriage School Ministry will provide the clothing needed for a beautiful wedding, but more importantly, teach the biblical basis for marriage and family relations-knowing and living for Jesus Christ in their home. 

Guests who come to the wedding will also hear the gospel proclaimed as a local pastor performs a biblically based wedding ceremony.

B.) Collecting Wedding Clothing from the States:

Have you ever thought of your wedding gown being used as an opportunity of share Christ? Well, it can be! Let’s put our stored away wedding gowns and veils to active duty in the service of the King! Though a wedding is a time of celebration, true celebration is the lasting praise of God’s angels as they rejoice each time one sinner is brought into the kingdom of God! 
 “…There will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”(Luke 15:7)

C.) What to Collect: The missionary’s supporting churches need to have a collection drive, reminding those who give that as they give their wedding dress or other wedding clothing, they are partnering with their missionary in sharing the Gospel and in the establishment of godly marriages and homes.

*Wedding Dresses
*White Ladies’ Shoes
*Bridal Veil 
*Fancy, small purses
*Costume jewelry and other accessories
*Bride’s Maids’ Dresses
*Men’s Tuxedos or suits
*Men’s formal white shirts
*Men’s Bow ties and accessories
*Black or White Men’s Shoes
*Children’s formal dress or suit

D.) Marriage School  Curriculum: 
1) “Transforming Reflection”: MOM has prepared the Marriage School Curriculum in English and Korean. It is called, “Transforming Reflection” by Katy Kang and BJ Kim. Marriage Seminars using “Transforming Reflection” are presented at MOM Partner churches upon request to Mrs. Katy Kang.
2) “Transforming Reflection” can be used as a reference and/or adapted to be culturally appropriate for the country and people being taught.
3) Spanish Curriculum: Missionary Yun (in Costa Rica) has created an excellent Marriage School curriculum in Spanish. 

Mrs. Katy Kang, 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
Wheaton College – M.A. in Counseling
Phone: (630) 653-6447

Mrs. Hae Sook Lee

Silver & Golden Anniversary On the Mission Field!

Celebrating a Silver or Golden Anniversary among South Americans is very rare. 

If you’re planning to celebrate your anniversary, consider doing it on mission field, such as in Costa Rica. Your celebration will not only impress the local people, but will be a Godly example to them of a married couple who is committed to each other for life. 

As your family comes to celebrate your anniversary, they will share in this memorable time with you, as well as enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica. 
Costa Rica is famous for its golf courses and sightseeing places, including hot springs.

Watch Elder & Mrs. Chun’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration in Costa Rica!