Messengers of Mercy

ESL Ministry by ETI Method (English Training Institute)

Here are the testimonies from “MOM English Ministry Camp” participants:

1. “I can’t believe I became an English teacher! Hallelujah! Wow!!”
2. “I can apply this ministry almost anywhere: mission field English School, Nursery/Pre-school, after school, Saturday schools (English & Korean school), Sunday school, Christian college, adult school…”
3. “This ministry has a great ripple effect with little expense. This ministry will be my life-long ministry from now on!”
4. “Their curriculum covers all levels including English for children & youth, college English, Bible English, and even business English.”

This program was developed by Missionary Cheong (GP-USA) while he was ministering in Thailand. Its’ teaching method is characterized by, ‘No special material needed!’  All it needs is a specific computer program. This enables the learner to study English as they listen to someone correctly speaking it because their native tongue is English. As students study the curriculum, it naturally connects them to the Word of God which is part of the curriculum.  With only 3 days of training, you can become an ESL Ministry Instructor!

What will you do in an ETI training program?

You can teach English in a simple way.
This program is edited with 30 different world famous teaching materials to fit any English level, age, gender, or education level. Your English will also improve while you teach. 

You will meet various kinds of people.
In every country, especially in developing countries, people are eager to learn English. This will increase your contacts with local people on the mission field who need to learn English. English education is the best way for them to become a success in their society and we can offer them this important education while we share the Gospel.

This program will develop leaders.
One of the most important aspects of ETI is to cultivate leaders in their society. If you are able to teach them for at least 2-3 years, hard working students will eventually become leaders and impact their countries’ in many positive ways. 

Evangelism is possible while teaching (Provides Application of Biblical concepts taught)
Language is an expression of life. During the beginning course, you can use Bible stories as examples in teaching English. This will prepare the students to accept the Gospel, as the curriculum naturally connects them with the Word of God.

Big impact with little expense.
The expense for this ministry varies, but it’s usually one of the least expensive ministries for the mission field, but has a BIG impact.

English is the primary education needed in most countries of the world.
English ministry is needed in both non-English speaking countries and in English speaking countries. The development of trust which the student has in their teacher provides for great impact in sharing the Gospel on the mission field.

Making disciples of Jesus Christ
As local people learn English and are connected to the Word of God through this program, a ripe harvest field for God’s Kingdom is created for them to become believers in Jesus Christ. Then they can go and share the Word of God with others in their community! 

For More Details Contact:

Missionary Steve Cheong  
Phone: 847-832-9725;

Dr. Bum Y. Park (For English Camp)
Phone: (516) 456-3524

Mrs. June Lee
Phone: (630)-222-1826 

Mrs. Joanne Sohn  
Phone: (847) 269-9433