Messengers of Mercy

① Computer Ministry

② N Compuing

Is it possible to have up to eleven users on one PC? Absolutely-Products from Ncomputing Inc. provided by E3Empower have a capacity to connect up to eleven virtual PCs simultaneously to share a single PC. The products include three different models - X series (connect with PCI card and most affordable), U series (connect with USB) and L series (connect with LAN). Currently, one hundred countries around the world are using these series populously in schools and corporations. With these products, a single PC can connect many people instantly in the most efficient, secured and affordable way. 

1. Collect & send computers and accessories
2. Serve the missionary’s needs
3. Teach computer (software, hardware).
• BAM: Missionaries can set up computer schools or computer cafe.
• Computer School: 
           2 kinds of curriculum - Professional & Inspirational (God’s Story DVD. . .)
• Part of any short term mission trip to missionary & computer school

Additional ENGLISH STUDY ROOM: TV, VHS, DVD player, tape recorders, head phones, Elementary- level children’s reference & reading books & Inspirational DVDs for hearing practice (God’s Story, Creation A/V. . .)


  CONTACT: Ray Kim