Messengers of Mercy


Christian Montessori Pre-School Ministry/Montessori Korean School Ministry

1. The core curriculum is based on teaching children a Christian world view.
2. The basic philosophy of Montessori education is learning through five sensory experiences (touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell).
3. This program recruits, educates and trains local teachers so they learn the basic Christian Montessori education and can then continue to develop culturally appropriate education in their own native language.
4. Local children are educated in knowledge, leading with discernment, self-confidence, self-esteem, able to learn by themselves, and sharing with others. They are taught the foundational principles of Christianity to become strong followers of Jesus Christ. 
5. Teachers are trained in setting up the class with the curriculum and teaching materials so they are culturally relevant and educationally appropriate for their geographic location.
6. Volunteers are needed in making teaching materials, such as making alphabet letters to see, feel, and touch. Local teachers can further develop materials that are culturally and environmentally appropriate.
7. This Gospel oriented education in early childhood makes a tremendous impact in developing strong leaders. It’s also very effective in restricted countries where evangelism is prohibited, as well as in all mission fields. We recommend churches in the U.S. have a day care ministry using the Christian Montessori School method, especially for ethnic outreach evangelism. Christian Montessori School (Nursery-school/Day Care) is a great tool in the evangelism of children.

Montessori Korean School Ministry 

This ministry teaches the Korean language by using Montessori’s unique teaching methods, such as phonics and learning through the five sensory experiences of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. Many developing countries are interested in learning the Korean language and learning it through the Montessori method is much easier and provides great interest.  As they learn Korean, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is also shared.  

Instructor: Ms. Jeon Kyung Lee
Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea (B.A.)
Early Childhood Education Certificate in College of Marin
Currently teaching at Monarch Christian School in Los Altos, CA  
Assistant Director at Sae Ha-neul Korean School
Contact- email:      Phone: (408) 921-1757

② BCOM Christian Montessori School Ministry 

bethany college.jpg
Bethany College of Missions in Minnesota, USA provides training for students desiring to set up Montessori Schools on the mission field. 

There are three different programs for individuals or groups to attend: 
1) A three week seminar
2) A three month intensive class
3) A nine month program. The 9 month program issues an I-20 Form for international students.

About BCOM Montessori Christian School Ministry 

1. By targetting pre-schoolers, students are trained from an early age to become strong Christian leaders in their nations.
2. Schools charge tuition which helps missionaries to become self-supporting and financially independent.
3. Children receive a holistic education and daily discipleship since they receive training every week day from dedicated Montessori teachers.
4. A teacher’s work visa is easier to obtain than a missionary visa, especially in restricted countries where evangelism is prohibited.
5. Student Teaching hours are available once a week at a Montessori school for students enrolled at BCOM.
6. Many countries, including Muslim countries, welcome school ministries.

For details contact: Ms. Grace Lee 
Director, Christian Montessori Training Center at Bethany College of Missions
E mail :
Website:    Office Phone: (952) 918-1979  Cell Phone: (612)644-1140