Messengers of Mercy

Peacemaker Ministries

Christian attorney, Ken Sande, is Founder and President of Peacemaker Ministries.
This ministry provides training to equip Christians in responding to conflict in a biblical way.

Peacemaking is not optional for just some Christians. We ALL need to learn how to relate to one another in Godly ways, especially in the midst of conflict.

Peacemaker Ministries offers conflict coaching and arbitration services for churches and for times when there are ministry disputes and lawsuits.

The following books are available for purchase from Peacemaker Ministries:
• Culture of Peace Series
• Biblical Peacemaking
• Judging Others
• Transforming Your Church
• Words That Cut
• Church Discipline
• The Young Peacemaker (Designed to teach children to be peacemakers)
• Biblical Peacemaking Adult Sunday School Curriculum
• Reconciler Training Program (Available in audio and video versions)

Peacemaker Ministries is running actively in Korea under the title of ‘Korea Peacemaker Ministry’.

For more information, click   or phone 406-256-1583

If you are interested in the Certification Program Course for this program, contact   email: (Korea)  (U.S.)