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Knitting Evangelism Ministry

The Knitting Ministry can be started on the mission field as a Microenterprise Ministry which requires only a minimum investment loan.

It Benefits the Local People:

1. Their physical needs are met through income generated in this small business. Set up a Trust Group as Microenterprise/Microfinance with 7-12 ladies. Teach and model biblical business principles. 

2. They learn the dignity of work which helps to improve their self-esteem. 

3. They begin to understand that all people are created in the image of God. Genesis 1:27 is taught to them and they learn that their identity and dignity come from God and being made in His image. (It’s VERY important that this is the focus of this ministry, otherwise the people will only get involved for financial reasons.) As the people have a firm understanding of their identity coming from their Creator God, they begin to see the abilities, talents and creativity He has given them. As they develop these, they will soon generate income and become self-supporting. 

4. ME/MF will have a ripple effect, impacting individual lives, which impacts the community, which in turn impacts the whole society! The missionary’s role in this is to evangelize them for Christ so that they are restored wholistically (body, soul and spirit). The ultimate goal is that the Kingdom of God will extend into the community and nation!

How to Approach:

1. The Knitting Mission Team teaches the local people knitting skills for 7-10 days. This provides a wonderful opportunity to also introduce them to Jesus Christ.
2. This evangelism method is especially effective in closed countries. The Team  can visit them in their home or extend an invitation for them to gather at a missionary lady’s home to learn to knit. 

How to Develop this Ministry as BAM:

After the  Short Term Mission Team leaves, the long term missionary can take over the Trust Group and setup regular, weekly meetings for both work and discipleship training.

    1. Business Session/Seminars (physical and spiritual needs are met)

• By having regular weekly meetings, they return the initial investment loan and learn about Microfinance, such as late charges, interest, or sales on credit. 
• When Microfinance trusts the local people, it gives them hope and develops their patience.  Thus, their hidden talents and creativities are brought forth and developed. Over time the efficiency of their work will also improve.
• The profits will be divided by selling their hand made products, such as shawls or scarves (knitted items for warm climates).
 As they are trained and discipled  bibilically, they will develop honesty, responsibility, independence, cooperation, literacy and leadership. The Trust Group will practice transparent financial management because it’s built on godly principles of business and stewardship.
• Small successes will lead to more and more success as they learn by trial and error. The average ME/MF return rate is 98%, which is considered to be a successful business. However, it’s important that the missionaries keep the Gospel as the priority of ME/MF so that it’s truly a Kingdom Business. 
The following are some testimonies from ME/MF:
• “I used to live in a shabby, rickety house that was unsafe to live in. Now I live in a stable, concrete house.”
 “Now I can feed my whole family and they eat 3 meals a day!”
 “My children go to school in properly fitted clothes.”
 “My family can now afford to see a doctor for our medical care.”
 “I’m not alone anymore because I have the Trust Group that supports and networks with me.”

   2. Spiritual Training and Growth (spiritual needs are met)

 The Trust Group’s regular meetings provide excellent opportunities for discipleship training. Discipleship training develops true disciples of Jesus Christ as they are taught and trained in a biblical understanding of stewardship in all areas of life (in their homes, work, churches, and communities).
 God’s Story is a good beginner’s Bible study. Once it’s completed you can move the students on to the next levels of Bible study that become progressively more difficult, using Firm Foundations, ISOM (50 languages) and finally BTCP. It’s important to keep consistent in regular times of discipleship training.