Messengers of Mercy

CHE (Community Health Evangelism)

LWI(Life Wind International) focuses on training local people to meet their physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs which will change their entire community. 

They train national leaders in specific ways to improve the health, agriculture, literacy and family based businesses of the local people so that whole communities are changed. These trained national leaders then train their neighbors so that what they have learned is multiplied to their village and the surrounding communities. The CHE program is directed by the villagers themselves, with a minimum of resources from the outside. 
LWI seamlessly integrates evangelism, discipleship, and disease prevention, bringing Holistic change to villages and nations. 

Currently about 60 countries are practicing CHE as a mission strategy and about 400 Christian organizations are networking with CHE for training.
The main mission of LWI consists of CHE’s strategy. As CHE starts out in a community, they raise an awareness  amongst the villagers of their need to be changed physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. As CHE is implemented, more and more people become believers in Jesus Christ and a church is planted in the community!

Traditional medical missions in the past benefited only about 5-15% of the population as a limited number of people came to a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office for medical care. CHE reaches a far wider percentage of the population by teaching disease prevention to every household in a community. This results in improved, healthier living conditions. 

The core of CHE’s training is a method called LePSA which includes various training courses and seminars.
LePSA stands for:
L: Learner centered
P: Problem posing
S: Self discovering
A: Action oriented
S: Spirit guided


Instructor: Hoon Park, M.D.
Yonsei Medical School in Korea
Preventive Medicine in Johns Hopkins
Practiced as a pediatrician for 31 years in Hawaii
Retired January of 2005
Member of CHE, LWI
Currently a faculty member at YWAM, University of Nations