Messengers of Mercy

Mission to Israel -Through 2nd generation Russian Jewish Immigrants 

 Twenty percent (20%) of the population of Israel are Jewish immigrants from Russia. They are facing many struggles in Israel.

 Due to a language barrier (they speak Russian) they are isolated from main stream society in Israel. And because of their poor economic status, they can’t afford to pay the school fees to send their children to school. 

• MOM/NHO is sponsoring a Mission Trip to Israel in October, 2013 to access the needs of this people group and how we can reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

• Our focus will be the 2nd generation Russian Jews and we will initially reach out to them using evangelistic resources used in Sunday School or VBS. 

• Our strategy is to educate them professionally (using the A Beka DVD program which is fully accredited) and to disciple them spiritually.

 Our vision is that once the 2nd generation  Russian Jews become believers in Jesus Christ, they will then become gospel evangelists to reach out to other  Jews in Israel, as well as impacting main stream society and even those in government and leadership positions in Israel. 

Missionary Youngho Chang
Glenn & Joanne Suh
Heeyoung & Insoon Moon