Messengers of Mercy

Love of God Warehouse Ministry 

  To provide for an effective ministry with our partners in world missions, MOM needs to purchase a warehouse. Since we have no warehouse of our own, we have to keep moving from place to place, storing goods for overseas ministry wherever the Lord provides space OR not even accept donated resources due to lack of space.

  At the Love of God Warehouse, we would like to create a missionary store, similar to Repeat Boutique in Wheaton, IL. Missionaries could come to the warehouse and  pick up needed clothing (new & lightly used), household items, linens, etc.

  The Love of God Warehouse would provide space to store and display resources which missionaries can learn about and use in their specific ministries on the mission field. 

  We will store & display evangelistic resources and the missionaries can learn about them and how to use them in their evangelism ministry. 
  We will store & display E3Empower’s many microenterprise resources for self-supporting ministry/microenterprise (solar lamps, solar cookers, water filters, etc.)
  Click on the “Resources” tab of this website to see Evangelistic Resources and Microenterprise Resources/E3Empower.
  We need people to financially give funds so that missionaries can receive these resources “paid in full” by a donor with a heart for missions. Click on the hot button below to download the Form, “Connecting Missionaries to Resources Through Donor Giving”.

         Contact: Dr. Soon Ja Choi – (630) 293-8992 ;