Messengers of Mercy

Eye Care Ministry 
“Bright eyes gladden the heart…” (Proverbs 15:30)

Currently, about 1 billion of the world population is in dire need of eye care provision and every year, about 500,000 people are going blind all over the world. Of these people, 75% of the cases simply require corrective eyeglasses in order to recover their eyesight. But poverty stricken circumstances prevent these individuals from acquiring the benefits of corrective eyeglasses.

Messengers of Mercy provides underprivileged populations who lack medical care the opportunity to receive basic vision services, including eyeglasses. Along with healing their physical eyes, we introduce the true Light of the Lord Jesus as we aid in the mission of spiritual awakening through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the Eye Care Ministry, eye care providers are given the opportunity to provide free eye care services, showing love and compassion to the needy. This ministry opens up the heart and mind of individuals who receive the aid so that they are ready to hear the Gospel. It’s also an opportunity for non-professional volunteers to get involved.

We have been supporting short-term Eye Care Mission programs and missionaries abroad through Primary Eye Care Workshops and in assisting them in gathering various equipment and eyeglasses.  With all this preparation and experience, we’re able to reach out to the one million disadvantaged people of the world who are in need of vision correction!

Primary Eye Care Workshop for MOM EAST Coast Region ( Hosanna Vision Mission)

 Weekly workshops: all year around on Mondays at 8:00pm at the NY Shin Kwang Church 
     (33-55 Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY 11361; Phone: (718) 357-3355 ) 
 When necessary: visit churches and small group meetings to provide eye care training.
 A Certificate of Primary Eye Care is issued upon completion of the eye care training. 

Content of Training:
1. Primary Eye Care, including refraction
2. Health education to promote eye health and prevent eye diseases
3. Preparing equipment & eyeglasses
4. Dispensing eyeglasses


1. MOM is holding Primary Eye Care Workshops upon request for training Short Term Mission Teams in MOM WEST Coast Region. We also assist Teams in gathering the eye care supplies that will be needed on the mission field. Most of these are free. (Mission Teams are responsible for paying handling and shipping charges.)
2. Training usually takes about 5 to 6 hours, including theory and practice.
3. Upon completing an eye care training seminar, participants in MOM West Coast Region will receive a Certificate. 

MOM Eye Care Seminars/Workshops for West Coast Region (Examples of Past Seminars)

1. The 62nd MOM Primary Eye Care Workshop                   2012.07.14
2. Reading Glasses for the Disabled (East Coast)           2011.12.19
3. The 59th Eye Care Ministry Seminar in Hawaii                 2010.03.05
4. Eye Care Ministry Seminar in Los Angeles, CA                2009. Sep & Oct
5. The 49th Eye Care Ministry Seminar in CA                     2009. 08.29

Eyeglass Manufacturing Training for Midterm/Longterm Missionaries

1. Provide education and equip missionaries with the skills to run Eye Care Clinics, so that they can provide vision care to the local people on the mission field. This also enables the missionary to develop a self-supporting ministry.
2. By providing eye care & eyeglass manufacturing training to local people living on the mission field it can provide them with the opportunity to eventually set up their own eye care clinic and thus missionaries and local people generate income to become self supporting.

Contact by Region: East: Dr. Myoung Woon Yang (646) 431-4085
                              West: Mr. Kijoo Ahn (818) 522-3343
                              Midwest: Mrs. Christina Roepke (847) 702-0695