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World Cup Games in Russia: 인신매매 대항 전도사역

by momadmin posted Jun 25, 2018


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인신매매 대항 전도사역


크리스찬 사역 Exodus Cry 현재2018 러시아 월드컵 기간에 (6/13~7/14) 어린 아이들이 인신매매에 속아서 팔려가는 것을 강력히 대항하는 전도사역 하고 있습니다

어린 아이들이 돈을 벌어서 가족에게 보내 주거나 또는 교육을 받을 있다는 거짓에 현혹되어 인간 노예의 덫에 빠지고 있으며, 이를 이용하여 막대한 수입을 올리는 인간매매가 지구 곳곳에 뿌리내려 산업화 되어버렸습니다!  

이를 막기위해 시작한 Exodus Cry 함께 기도해주시기를 부탁합니다

이와 관련한  MOM 전도용품인 Priceless Cube 아래 링크를 클릭하여 참고하시기 바랍니다. (page 71)

Let's pray for the Christian ministry of Exodus Cry to Russia right now at the World Cup Games, June 13-July 14, 2018!  

Exodus Cry is a Christian ministry serving on the front lines, advocating for vulnerable young girls and boys who are deceptively drawn into human slavery, being deceived that they can earn income to send to their family or receive an education. 

These are only lies to draw them in and enslave them for the profit of a $ multi-billion, global industry!

The MOM Resource Catalog recommends our Mission Teams use the Priceless Cube on their mission trips to join the battle against human slavery.  Please click on this link to check out the Priceless Cube on p. 71 in MOM's Resource Catalog:

"LuBlue" means “love” in Russian, and that’s exactly what we intend to do there. 

Russia ranks as one of the very worst countries in the world for human trafficking, listed as a Tier 3 nation on the Trafficking in Persons report.

As thousands of men pour into Russia for the World Cup (many being potential sex buyers), our outreach team is heading to Moscow for the entire month of the games, to reach sexually exploited women across the city. 

From June 13 to July 14, we’re partnering with churches and organizations across Moscow, facilitating 24/7 prayer and worship, and training Russians in outreach using a Russian translation of our Intervention Manual

We’re honored to share our experience-based outreach methods with local abolitionists as well as those new to the issue, and to help equip them to reach prostituted and trafficked women from Moscow’s forests (where women are regularly sold), to booming strip clubs and hotel lobbies.

As teams are sent out, they will go bearing gifts for these precious women, to tell them they are loved and greatly valued, and to offer them an exit from a life of exploitation.

And we’re confident that when we return home, the fires of abolition that are lit will continue to burn—that local grassroots efforts will continue to reach the exploited there with the hope of freedom.

In this promo video we made, inviting Russian believers to join LuBlue, hear the story of one woman who was trafficked to Moscow... 

You can help bring freedom to Moscow’s most vulnerable women by clicking below and selecting “Intervention Outreach” for the gift designation. 


$20 could pay for a Hope Bag Care Package.

$50 could contribute towards a team member’s visa costs.

$300 could pay the venue rental costs for 1 full day of prayer and worship.

Please keep this project and all the team members in your prayers throughout the next month.

For freedom everywhere,

The Exodus Cry Team

P.S. Catch daily video updates of LuBlue via our Instagram Stories

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