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7 Paradigms Shift


“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17)

Some Statistics

 Eighty percent (80%) of the world either chooses to receive information orally by hearing, rather than reading, or is only able to receive information orally.
• In America, only 10% of the population chooses to receive information through reading. Twenty percent (20%) will join a Bible study as a way to understand the Gospel. But the large majority will not read or join a Bible study. 
 Unfortunately, 90% of Christian ministries use a literate communication style which is not reaching the vast majority of people here in America and around the world with the Gospel.


It makes good sense to teach the Bible in a way that the majority of people hear and understand best, orally, in the format of story
Teaching the Bible orally in telling God’s Story (from Genesis to Revelation) is NOT dumbing down the Bible. It’s presenting the Bible, God’s Story, in story form that is accurate to the biblical text, learned in the mind, and experienced in the heart as personal application is made.

Jesus is our Model. About seventy-five percent (75%) of the Bible’s contents is narrative, in other words, in story form.  

In scripture, Jesus frequently used storytelling to teach spiritual truths to non-literate, to children, and to the uneducated. But, He also used “story” as He spoke to the highly educated (literate) and elite, religious leaders of His day.
Retention of Biblical Truth: Research tells us that seventy-five (75%) to eighty percent (80%) retention takes place when information is given in story form. Only twenty-nine percent (29%) is retained when information is given outside of a story format. This latter way is most often used in seminary, where the text is analyzed and pulled apart, losing the continuity and impact of the whole story. 

Teaching Values to the Next Generation: In many countries of the developing world, people’s lives are basically about food, clothing and shelter. They don’t spend long times of meditation, pondering and analyzing the meaning of life as we Koreans are prone to do. In these countries, people understand and process their worldview from a basic survival mentality. Their history, culture and values are passed on orally, as one generation to the next passes on their family history, culture and values by telling and retelling the history of stories that have shaped who they are today.
Connecting with our Audience: When westerners present the Gospel to people in developing countries, they often use a Western style of learning, putting information into a written form to be read, analyzed and studied. But often the people being reached don’t connect with this western approach of learning. Their mode of learning and communicating has been orally by hearing, and then acting upon what they’ve heard. When we present the Gospel and they seem uninterested or show minimal comprehension, we think the problem is with our audience. The Gospel itself is powerful and able to transform lives. 

Research is revealing that the problem lies with our format or mode of communicating the Gospel. The problem is that our presentation of the Gospel isn’t connecting with our audience

However, when the Gospel is being presented in story form with these same people, they understand and connect with the message. They may have heard the Gospel before, but when they now hear it in story form, it’s like their ears are suddenly hearing it for the first time! 

There are many exciting examples of this happening all over the world! To read about these, visit the God’s Story Project website and learn about the amazing reception to the Gospel that is happening as people hear it in story form through the method of Simply The Story. (

God’s Role: We know that ultimately, no matter how poor our presentation of the Gospel, God draws people to Himself. Jesus said, “No one can come to the Me, unless the Father who sent Me draws him…” (John 6:44). Only the Father opens hearts to understand and receive the Word. 

The Holy Spirit’s Role: We know that His Holy Spirit is the One who enables people to understand the Truth of the Gospel. “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth…He shall glorify Me, for He shall take of Mine, and shall disclose it to you.” (John 16: 13a,14)

Our Role: As followers of Jesus Christ, we are commanded to, “Go and make disciples”. In carrying out our Lord’s command, we must present His Word, God’s Story, in a format that is clear and understood by our audience or hearers. The format used in communicating God’s Story is our responsibility, as those who have been “entrusted with the Gospel”. We believe the format of story best serves that purpose for the majority of audiences today.

Specific Resources To Use: MOM recommends Bible ministry on the mission field STARTS with teaching the Bible through story (orally) and with simple pictures (visually). God’s Story Project has produced a clear presentation of “God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity” in 300 languages.

For more information see:

The “Storyteller’s Bible Study” is another example of material that is effective cross culturally as it combines the chronological approach to Bible study with the storytelling method, walking through the bible from Creation to Christ in a 12-lesson series. This is an excellent resource for reaching international students here in America with the Gospel!

God’s Story Project has a program called, “Timothy Church Planters”, which equips national pastors and evangelists with a backpack. The Evangelist’s Backpack contains everything he will need to share the Gospel. And he can carry it anywhere, bringing God’s Story to urban towns and very remote villages.

For more details, refer to Bible School Ministry on the Mission Field under the “Ministries” tab of this website.


1. In each scene in the story, observe what is said, done or described that gives spiritual information about the people or about God.   What do the responses in each section, such as anger, trust or doubt show you about these people spiritually?

2. Do you see in the story when God or people make choices?   Examine those choices.  Do the decisions show feelings such as pride, forgiveness, humility, hate, kindness, fear or respect?
Can you think of other choices (good or bad) that could have been made?

3. What results do you see from each choice made?

4. Who was impacted, either directly or indirectly, by each choice and how?

5. What characteristics of God do you see, such as patience, mercy, anger, power, love or concern?   Is the Lord encouraging, warning or teaching?  How does God respond to people?
How do people respond to God?

6. Review the observations you have found.   For each observation in the story, think about how it might apply today.

7. Ask yourself...  Have I  or someone I know, been in a similar situation, or would this be a new experience for me?  What am I saying or doing that is similar to (or different from) the people's reaction in this story?  Am I believing or doubting?  Am I at peace or confused?  Am I seeking God?   What can I learn from the actions and words I saw in the story?

8. What choices did I make when (if) this happened before?   What choices am I making now?   Are there better choices that could be made?   Would those better choices take the form of words, thoughts, attitudes, or actions?

9. What were (or could be) the consequences of my choices?   Who was (might be) affected by my choices?

10. How do (or did) I see God working in my situation?   What could I learn from this story about God and His character?   What in this story could help in my situation?

We encourage you to invite Rev. Myung Soo Lee to your church to teach a Simply The Story workshop. He has received extensive training from God’s Story Project and is a recognized Trainer for STS.

As students progress in their learning, resources that are progressively more advanced are used, such as ISOM and BTCP, which offer degree programs and ordination. 

LRI’s TNT program (Training National Trainers) is multiplying biblically grounded pastors as national pastors are trained and then taught how to train others. (II Timothy 2:2). 

Rev. Myung Soo Lee
Trainer in Simply The Story (STS)
Travels internationally 9 months of the year, training pastors, missionaries and Christian workers in presenting the Gospel in the method of STS.

Cell Phone: (815) 919-6511
Home Phone: (815) 439-0919


CREATION EVANGELISM is the foundational truth of Gospel ministry. 

We must START in Genesis to lay the foundation for God’s Story, which is told from Genesis to Revelation. 

Why is This So Important?

God is Sovereign Creator Over His Creation: The Gospel does not begin in the New Testament. So many gospel tracts and evangelistic methods focus on God’s salvation message, starting with the life of Christ and moving to His death and resurrection. The cross of Christ and His resurrection are absolutely pivotal and central within God’s Story, but they are not “the beginning” of His Story! 

God’s Story begins with “in the beginning”, Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth.”  This sets the foundation of our faith in God, as Sovereign Creator over His creation.

Created in His Image with Worth & Value: The Gospel goes on to say, “Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…and God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:26a-27) 

Gospel ministry is helping people to see the truth about their Creator, in whose image they are made (Genesis 1 -2), about the sin that separates them from God (Genesis 3), and about God’s plan to bring them back to Himself through the shedding of blood as He covers over their shame (Genesis 3:21), a picture of what God’s Son, Jesus Christ would do one day on the cross for all mankind.

Discovering, Drawing Out, and Developing: As those created in God’s image, we have dignity, worth and value. Only mankind is given the unique and precious status of being “created in God’s image”. 

As people come to understand that they are made in God’s image and are of great value, we must also help them to see that He has given them creativity, gifts and skills. These need to be discovered, drawn out and then developed in each person for God’s glory. This means that we help people to see themselves as God sees them, and then help them to become wise stewards of the creativity and skills He has given.

Humbly Serving and Teaching: So many people we serve in developing countries feel that they are worthless and of no value to anyone, especially not to God. The bondage of poverty keeps them idly sitting, doing nothing except to hold out their hands for a hand-out. We do a great disservice to God and to them when we comply!

Through acts of loving service we must show them how precious they are. We don’t come in superiority, creating dependency by giving hand-outs of aid! We are ALL created in God’s image for His glory! 

Developing Self-supporting Communities: While we teach them the Gospel through Creation Evangelism, we are also teaching them how to steward the gifts God has given them, drawing out and developing the hidden skills and creativity God has placed within each of them. 

As they learn a trade and a way to provide for themselves and their family through the development of their skills, they become self-supporting individuals, families and communities, rather than sitting idly waiting for a hand out. We’re teaching them how to “fish” for themselves, rather than handing them a fish that creates dependency.  
MANY People Today (about 95% of our youth) do NOT Believe:

• God is the Creator and Sovereign God.
• We are created in the image of God and have dignity and value as those created in God’s image. (Gen. 1:27)
• There IS absolute Truth (the Bible)

What Do They Believe?         These Beliefs have Created a Society of:

• Darwin’s theory of evolution   Humanism:
• Man is not created in the image of God   Pluralism
• Loss of human dignity and personal worth   Post Modernism
• God is not the Master and Creator of all   Relativism & Materialism

Darwin’s Theory Accepted as “truth”:

When Darwin’s theory of evolution was allowed into the text books of science in our schools and universities in America, it was soon accepted, not as a theory, but as truth. Once Darwin’s theory became accepted as truth by many scientists and educators, classrooms of children and youth were taught to believe it as truth, not theory. The Bible’s version of creation opposed Darwin’s. But because Darwin’s theory was in science text books in schools, the Bible was thrown out and Darwin’s evolution embraced.

Today in Europe and the countries of the West, people are questioning the foundational truths of the Word of God, no longer believing in a God of absolute Truth and authority, and treating God’s Word as myth, rather than Truth. 

Why?  Because if we say that Genesis 1-11 is not true, only myth, then why should we believe the rest of the Bible is true?  If we say God is not Creator, man is not made in His image and there’s no absolute truth, why should we believe man is a sinner and in need of a Savior, since these foundational truths of our faith also come from Genesis 1-11? 

We have put God and His Word below the authority of Darwinism, and the way is paved for humanism to become the prevailing and accepted world view. Man decides what is truth and what is not. Man decides how he was created. Man decides who deserves to live or to die (infanticide, abortion, euthanasia). Man defines marriage. When we threw out Genesis 1-11 in our churches in America, we opened up the tidal wave of humanism to come sweeping into  this nation, a nation that once professed to be a nation founded upon God’s Word.

We Need Answers: We desperately need to have answers to defend our faith and the Bible. We need to develop a biblical world view that can refute the humanistic philosophies of our day and defend God’s Word. We need to equip Christians with answers to defending God as Creator, the authority of God’s Word, including Genesis, and why man has dignity and value as one who has been created in the image of God.

We can see the results of this eroding away of faith and the establishment of humanism in Europe. The UK, for example, was the country from which William Carey was sent out as a missionary to India, igniting a great movement of missionaries that followed in his footsteps. Today in the UK, only 2% of the population call themselves, “Christians” and William Carey’s sending church is now a tavern! 

In America, we are already losing our young people who are leaving our churches by the thousands as they embrace the same humanistic philosophies as Europe.

There are speakers from Association for Creation TruthMessengers of Mercy, and Answers In Genesis who are scientists and experts in Creation Evangelism. 

Please INVITE them to your church or gathering to help you learn:

• The foundational truths of Creation Evangelism
• Help you become grounded in a faith that has scientific answers to refute the false beliefs of our day and stand strong in God’s Word. (Apologetics of our faith.)
• Join a Creation Evangelism Tour
• Train your Mission Team in doing Creation Evangelism overseas on their Short Term Mission Trip. (Messengers of Mercy: Dr. Tong Yi)


Korean Creation Seminars in the U.S.

Jae Man Lee, PhD
Phone: (213) 381-1390

Tong Yi Lee, PhD (Midwest)
Trains STMT to do Creation Evangelism
Phone: (630) 400-6114
Association for Creation Truth (in U.S.)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 819, Norwalk, CA 90650
Office address: 10529 Leeds St., Norwalk, CA 90650

English Creation Seminars for Youth in the U.S.

John Kim, PhD
Phone: (213) 381-1390
Association for Creation Truth (in U.S.)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 819, Norwalk, CA 90650
Office address: 10529 Leeds St., Norwalk, CA 90650

Answers In Genesis (AIG)
Founder & Director, Ken Ham
AIG has 25 speakers who will speak
at churches & events in the U.S. .
DVD Seminars are also available,
including special presentations
for Children & Youth. 
Click this link (below) to request an AIG speaker:
Phone: 800-778-3390



“ And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on My behalf is welcoming Me.  But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in Me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.” ( Matthew 18:5-6)

Jesus loves and highly values children! 

However, around the world today, many children and young people live in extreme poverty, disease, and abuse. Many have never heard the name of “Jesus” or know of His love for them. Many are illiterate, uneducated and uncared for by parents who are either trapped in the slavery of poverty or pursuing the “god” of materialism and wealth. In these situations, the ones who often suffer the most are the children.

It’s VERY important that we reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while they are still children, when their hearts are still soft and willing to hear about Jesus and be changed.

A Sad Story: On a mission trip to Kenya, we recently served with a missionary who was working among the Masai. In this culture a man’s wealth and position in the community is measured by how many cows and wives he owns. The dowry for a wife is 2 cows, so many cows buys many wives. 

The missionary shared the love of Jesus with a wealthy Masai man who had 15 wives. The man heard and received the Gospel and was saved. However, soon after he was saved, he took on another wife, a 15 year old girl. When the missionary confronted him about this, telling him that this was not honoring to God to continue taking more and more wives, the man pondered for awhile, trying to understand the meaning of the missionary’s words. 
After some time, he said, “You take my wife then. I give her to you.” He couldn’t comprehend the spiritual truth that was so radically different from his culture. His way of thinking, which had been instilled deeply since a young boy, couldn’t seem to make the leap from culture to Christ after so many years of inbred, cultural traditions and practices. 

How important it is that we reach children with the Gospel while they are still young and the patterns of behavior and culture haven’t been instilled into their hearts for many years.

Teaching Foundational Truths: As children and young people are taught God’s Story in the Bible, it’s authority as absolute Truth, and the relevance of God’s Word in every area of their life, their lives will be radically changed through the power of the Gospel. As this generation becomes the leaders of tomorrow, it is vital that they become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ who will impact their communities and nations for Jesus Christ.

Reaching our Children & Youth Before It’s Too Late: Many children have never heard the name of Jesus and His Story told in the Bible. Others have heard, but the influences of sinful cultures and relationships have nurtured a heart that rebels against God, leading to a denial of the faith they once professed as children. 

Many children who grew up in protestant churches of faith have chosen to deny that God is their Creator and has created them in His image. They are questioning the foundational truths of the Word of God, no longer believing in a God of absolute Truth and authority and treating God’s Word as myth rather than Truth. 

We’ve seen the results of this eroding away of faith and the establishment of humanism in Europe. The UK, for example, was the country from which William Carey was sent out as a missionary to India, igniting a great movement of missionaries that followed in his footsteps. Today in the UK, only 2% of the population call themselves, “Christians” and William Carey’s sending church is now a tavern! We’re seeing the effects of humanism in America as well, as young people are leaving our churches by the thousands.

The time is NOW to reach our children and youth with the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ! We must make the need known in our churches, recruiting faithful teachers and youth leaders who have a heart for children and youth and who see the important responsibility they’ve been given for the young lives entrusted into their care. 

Our young people need to be taught the foundational truths of God’s Story, from Genesis to Revelation. And just as importantly, they need to know why they believe the Bible and be able to defend their faith in the midst of the unbelief and cynicism of our world today. For a fuller discussion on this, refer to “Creation Evangelism” under the “Ministries” tab of this website. 

Internet and Multimedia: We all know how powerful the internet and multimedia/audio-visuals are in drawing the attention of our children and youth! We need to harness these for God’s Kingdom, creating Christian programming that excels and surpasses the quality and magnetic draw of those created by the secular world. This will require that Christians are involved in the Arts, recapturing them from the evil one, and developing them with content and visuals that present God’s Story (from Genesis to Revelation) in a format that refutes humanism and defends the foundational truths of the Word of God as absolute Truth and authority. 

Discipling Children: Once they receive Jesus as their Savior, children need to be discipled in reading God’s Word, memorizing it and then obeying it. They need to learn about confessing their sins and receiving forgiveness from their heavenly Father. They need to learn to pray to Him daily and moment by moment, looking to Jesus in every part of their life. As they do this, they will grow closer and deeper in their relationship with Him, and their faith will grow strong, putting down deep roots, while they are still young believers.

Children Reaching Children for Jesus: It’s also important for us to realize that as a child comes to Christ, they are now His young disciples who are commanded to, “Go and make disciples”.  They need to be trained in sharing their faith, but they have such strong enthusiasm in their young faith that they will quickly shine for Jesus as His bright Little Lights! It was a child’s faith that Jesus pointed out to His disciples when He said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children. I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it. Then He took the children in His arms and placed His hands on their heads and blessed them.” (Mark 10:14-16 NLT)

Resources for Reaching Our Children & Youth: Recognizing the importance of reaching our children and youth for Christ, M.O.M. has gathered many excellent evangelistic resources specifically geared to sharing the Gospel with children and youth. Resources like the Gospel Apron, Gospel Glove and EvangeCube are just a few of the MANY resources we recommend in sharing Jesus with children. 


On the Mission Field Overseas: As children attend Nursery and Pre-Schools established by mission outreaches, the Gospel is shared and discipleship is nurtured due to the daily, regular contact teachers have with the children and their families. 

As Mission Teamslong term missionaries and local, national people reach out with the Gospel to children and young people, teaching them in creative ways best understood by children and youth (puppets, audio-visuals, hands-on activities, etc.) these young people will be shaped and molded towards becoming godly men and women. 

Illiterate Adults: When many of the adult community are illiterate, the evangelistic resources and methods of reaching children are highly effective in reaching illiterate adults as well. See “Orality Evangelism” under the “Ministry” tab for more details on this.

Some Resources we Highly Recommend are from GRN (Global Recordings Network, USA).

 The series Look, Listen & Live, Good News and Words of Life. LLL and Good News have large Bible story pictures and recordings of the Bible stories in over 5,000 languages! 

 A Short Term Mission Trip can use the Bible story pictures and gospel recordings in the local language without even knowing the local language themselves. 

 GRN resources are excellent for many children and youth ministries, such as VBS, Vocational School, Sunday School, and so on. When the Team leaves, the resources can be left with the missionary who can train local believers to use the materials in their villages.

 Any phone with internet access can download GRN recordings at the GRN mobile website:

 Micro SD Cards: Many mobile phones can be fitted with a micro SD card which can store all of the GRN audio recordings for a language. The card is inserted into the mobile phone and the owner can listen to GRN materials in his own language. The price of these cards is falling, making it an increasingly powerful and inexpensive means of distributing the Gospel! It’s also very effective in closed countries due to the private nature of listening on a mobile phone.

The time is NOW for Christians all over the world to bring God’s Story of the Gospel to the children and youth in our communities. The possibilities and potential for these young people is infinite, as God transforms their lives, one  person at a time!

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the Kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)


Mrs. Gabrea (Joy) Park

She has over 35 years of experience in teaching children.

Home Phone: (504)273-2274

Cell Phone: (818)224-0920


For Information on Evangelistic 

Resources Contact:

Mrs. Danielle Shumaker

M.O.M/National Home Office

Phone: (630) 580-5074



Church and Home: Mission outreach must focus on the Church and the Home walking together hand-in-hand!  Strong, godly churches are planted when godly homes are developing.

The Bible is our Authority for Marriage: The Bible establishes God’s standard for marriage from the book of Genesis: one man married to one woman for life. 

Some Cultures Encourage Polygamy: In many countries, especially in African and Arab countries, polygamy is encouraged. 

Living Together but Not Married: In many countries today couples are living together without being legally married. This practice nurtures a relationship that requires minimal commitment, leading many couples to separate when things get difficult. Due to this unhealthy and ungodly way of living, it’s very common to see single Moms, teen pregnancy, extramarital affairs, and incest. 

At MOM we feel so strongly about the Godly Home Ministry, that we encourage EVERY mission ministry to develop this in their specific mission outreach!

There are 7 ministries included in the Godly Home Ministry. We are currently focusing on the Marriage School Ministry and Quince’ Evangelism Ministry until we have more resources and individuals to develop the other 5 ministries listed below.

1) Marriage School Ministry
2) Quince' Evangelism Ministry ? in South America
3) Counseling Ministry
4) Circumcision Evangelism Camp Ministry ? East Africa
5) Godly Motherhood Ministry
6) Godly Fatherhood Ministry
7) Single Mothers’Ministry

Resources for the Godly Home Ministry: MOM is providing programs like the Marriage School Ministry and Quince Evangelism Ministry (a coming-of-age program) to teach and train people towards the establishment of godly, loving homes.





Models of the Godly Home Ministry: This is taking place in Costa Rica, Peru, and Nicaragua and with great success! Praise God!

For a more detailed description of the Marriage School and Quince’ Evangelism ministries, please refer to the “Ministries” tab on this website, click on “Teaching Ministry” tab, and then click “Godly Home Ministry”.




1) ”Transforming Reflection” Marriage Seminar  (in Korean and English)

     Mrs. Katy Kang
     Wheaton College-M.A. in Counseling
     Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

2) Marriage Seminar Curriculum (in Spanish)

    Missionary Ik Soo Yoon in Costa Rica

3) “Preparing for Marriage” (Study Guide and Leader’s Guide Available/ in English)

    Order from: Family Life Today
    Phone: (800) 358-6329
    Calls from outside the U.S.:
    Phone: (501) 223-8663

Contact :
    Mrs. Hae Sook Lee (FL)
    (813) 926-3739    



E3Empower (  is partnering with MOM to provide the resources to implement MED/MF on the mission field. 

MED/MF:E3Empower is the expert in the field of MED/MF (Microenterprise Development/Microfinance. 

Wholistic Approach: Through MED/MF, communities are impacted spiritually, physically and economically. 

Genesis 1:28: “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

At the Heart of MED/MF: Microenterprise Development (MED)/ Business As Mission (BAM) are primarily and most importantly about sharing the Gospel and discipling believers in Jesus Christ. Most people will gladly get involved if their benefit is to gain income. However, this is not what MED/BAM is about. 

In order for an individual to join a Trust Group, they must show a desire to learn about the Gospel, to be accountable and integrous to the Trust Group, and to grow in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is at the heart of MED/BAM.  

Advancing the Church into the Community: As disciples of Jesus are made they will contagiously reach out to others through their microenterprise, advancing the church into the community!

E3empower Targets Three Areaseducation, energy and entrepreneurship

E3empower develops, trains, and networks to provide appropriate resources for the mission field.  These unique resources enable nationals/local people to become empowering and self-supporting so that they are not dependent on outside help. 

Modeling and Teaching Biblical Business Principles: As they are taught and trained with a Biblical understanding of stewardship in all areas of life, this will impact not only their individual lives, but whole communities and nations!

For more information, please refer to E3Empower Website:


Mrs. Ji-Young Rhee

Phone: (408)-313-1527



Mr. Tae Young Kim






Levels of Biblical Stewardship: (7-B Strategy)

1) BSD: Biblical Stewardship Development- Focus: Individuals and families. 

Character development taught and modeled, based on the Word of God.  Discipling the individual in the biblical concept of stewardship. God owns me. God owns ALL. I am His steward. 

2) BCD: Biblical Community Development- Focus: Villages and communities.

Skills developed in BSD are now put into action in community micro-enterprises such as

Eye Aid Clinics, CHE, IBCD, Natural Farming and Livestock.

Income from these micro-enterprises are used to build local churches and schools.

3) BLD: Biblical Leadership Development – Focus: Leadership development

 Schools (Elementary, College/university and Vocational)

 Hospitals (Medical School, Dental School)

 Leadership impacted on a national level  (Government/political, Economic/society, Culturally, Spiritually. Godly stewardship of the whole man impacts the county in all these areas.)

4) BBBD: Biblical Big Business Development-  Focus: Christian businessmen overseas working at the government level of big business for nationwide impact. 

Income from their business funds all levels of the “B-Strategy”.

5) BPS: Biblical Professional Supporters- Focus: Lay people.

“You are the light of the world…Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (Matt. 5:14a,16)

 Christian lay people choosing intentionally and strategically to live outside America so that their lives will be in relationship cross-culturally in the secular world. Living as Christ’s Light to a watching world, opportunities are abundant to share His love in deed and word! As lives are lived faithfully and productively for Jesus Christ, godly character is modeled and a daily witness to the community is displayed: “a living epistle, read by all men”.

 Secondly, as lay people move overseas and use their business or employment as a resource for funding missions, the full time missionary receives the blessing of additional income to support ongoing ministries.

 “Silvers”(retirees) are needed overseas. The disciple of Jesus Christ never “retires” until Christ calls us Home! Serving overseas provides the missionary with the added hands and expertise of the Silver and enables the Silver to continue to keep actively serving the Lord as long as he/she is able.

6) BSSM: Biblical Self-Supporting Missionary – Focus: Tentmakers

Many countries do not allow “missionary” entry visas. Missionaries therefore use their skills in a variety of areas to gain entrance to the closed country. This provides them with opportunities to develop a web of relationships in which they can live as Lights for Christ and share the Gospel as doors are opened.

Examples of Tent making Opportunities:

 Eye-Aid Clinic



 Nursery and Preschool

 Computer School and Internet Café’

 Small Business (shop church): Kingdom Business

7) BCSM: Biblical Church Supported Missionary – Focus: “Career” missionary fully supported by local churches from their country of origin.